Dec 20, 2012

Another great review of our e-cigarette starter kits!

Our stylish black e-cigarette is sleeker, cooler and sexier! 

Our second review affirms what our customers already know: our black e-cigarette and packaging is "sleeker, cooler and sexier for the discerning female."

"The e-cig itself has two-piece construction, with the cartomizers combining a disposable atomizer and the flavor cartridge. It’s easy to screw in and start vaping, and the battery screws into the USB charger in the same way. 

"The tip gradually glows blue as you inhale and fades when you’re done. The e-cig itself is jet black in color, with the pink “VV” logo towards the tip, with each “V” being an e-cigarette exuding a thin stream of vapor. 

"The branding is excellent, with the minimalistic black e-cigarette even looking appealing to my male senses. You get a satisfying amount of vapor from a Vaping Vamps e cigarette, and there is a satisfying crackling sound on inhalation. This is cool, because it seems like the sound you get from burning tobacco. 

"The Vaping Vamps e-cigarette isn’t just for women. There are fruity flavors, it does give you a smooth smoke, it has got a sleek feminine design and a pink logo, but it’s still an affordable option for anybody looking to start vaping." 

 Read the entire review on the ECigaretteReviewed website.

Dec 13, 2012

Skip the Nicotine Patch. It Doesn't Work

At my annual physical today, I asked my doctor what she recommends for her patients who smoke.

She said "Chantix and NRT" (nicotine replacement therapy) such as the nicotine patch. She said the reason was because she practices "evidence-based medicine."

I wish she would read what Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, Dr. Ross and 12 of their esteemed colleagues from the American Cancer Society, Dartmouth, Cambridge, Boston University, Royal London Hospital and other leading instututions around the world say about the smoking cessation tools that have been approved by the FDA:

"There are 46 million addicted adult smokers in our nation. The problem remains that, while almost three-quarters wish to quit, well under ten percent succeed.

"One reason for this abysmal success rate is that the methods approved by the FDA (including the nicotine patch, gum, inhalers and pharmaceuticals such as Zyban and Chantix) and promoted by the official public health authorities and the large nonprofits, are simply not helpful to the majority of those who try them."

Getting the word out to doctors would be a herculean task. I know that. But my wish for today is that my own doctor would at least read the current research on the smoking cessation tools that clearly DON'T work.

Dec 6, 2012

Rave Review of Vaping Vamps!

I worked very hard to create the best e cig site for women. 

Well, it's one thing for me to brag about my e cig site and unique electronic cigarette brand, and it's another for an independent reviewer to rave about us!! 

Here's what our colleagues at had to say about Vaping Vamps: 

"We were not sure what to expect with a new electronic cigarette company and we were thrilled when we tried them out! 

"We highly recommend Vaping Vamps to anyone who wants a sleek, sexy eCigarette that exceeds the standard in quality and flavor! 

"You are in for a real treat! Their eCigarettes are extremely classy and low profile and taste absolutely fantastic! One thing we were really impressed by from Vaping Vamps is that some of their proceeds go to a charitable organization that helps women get on their feet. 

"The first thing I noticed was how attractive their packaging was and how professional their products were displayed. Their electronic cigarettes are a satin-finished black along with their cartomizers. The Vaping Vamps kit came with a nice welcome letter and business/referral cards, which I thought was an absolutely phenomenal idea. 

"We had one of each refill cartridge and tried one by one. From the very first pull I took from the e-cigarette, I knew I was in love with Vaping Vamps. The vapor was thick, but still refreshing and most importantly although the flavors are superb, it didn't overwhelm me like some electronic cigarettes do. I found this to be an excellent selling point for them. 

"Overall, we would recommend Vaping Vamps in a heartbeat! (And not just to women either, guys... you'll like this too!)"

E-Cigarette review of Vaping Vamps

Nov 15, 2012

New Research on Women and Smoking

What would you do with 11 years?

Check a few more things off your bucket list?

Spend more time with your kids (and grandchildren)?

Take a trip to some exotic places?

New research on women and smoking found that women who smoked a pack a day reduced their life expectancy by an average of 11 years. British researchers followed one million women now in their 60's and 70's who had been smoking since their teens in the largest study released on women and smoking.

Even women who are just social smokers or who only have a few cigarettes a day double their chances of dying younger.

And if you smoke your entire life, you are highly likely to die as a result from some sort of smoking-related illness such as heart disease or cancer. 

But there's good news too!

The study also found that even if you started smoking as a teen and you quit by age 40, your risks drop by 90 percent. Even if you stop smoking by age 50, your risk drops by 66 percent.

No matter what your reasons for quitting are, we hope you are successful. 

Then tell us what you want to do with those 11 years. . .