Dec 20, 2012

Another great review of our e-cigarette starter kits!

Our stylish black e-cigarette is sleeker, cooler and sexier! 

Our second review affirms what our customers already know: our black e-cigarette and packaging is "sleeker, cooler and sexier for the discerning female."

"The e-cig itself has two-piece construction, with the cartomizers combining a disposable atomizer and the flavor cartridge. It’s easy to screw in and start vaping, and the battery screws into the USB charger in the same way. 

"The tip gradually glows blue as you inhale and fades when you’re done. The e-cig itself is jet black in color, with the pink “VV” logo towards the tip, with each “V” being an e-cigarette exuding a thin stream of vapor. 

"The branding is excellent, with the minimalistic black e-cigarette even looking appealing to my male senses. You get a satisfying amount of vapor from a Vaping Vamps e cigarette, and there is a satisfying crackling sound on inhalation. This is cool, because it seems like the sound you get from burning tobacco. 

"The Vaping Vamps e-cigarette isn’t just for women. There are fruity flavors, it does give you a smooth smoke, it has got a sleek feminine design and a pink logo, but it’s still an affordable option for anybody looking to start vaping." 

 Read the entire review on the ECigaretteReviewed website.


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  4. Reviews like this are very helpful to pick out the best one, i always do that before buying any thing, electronic cigarettes are a great substitute of smoking and you should consider moving to them.

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