Jan 28, 2013

Valentine's Contest & Give-Aways!

14 Days of Give-Aways, Including our Beautiful New E-Cigarette Case! 

You've heard of the 12 days of Christmas, right? Well Vaping Vamps is introducing "The 14 Days of Valentine's" and YOU could be a lucky winner! 

Every day from Feb. 1 - 13, we'll be giving away a beautiful new e-cigarette case or $10 off any e-cigarette starter kit

E-cigarette cases, black leatherette, lined in velvet
Our new e-cigarette cases are black leatherette, lined in violet velvet

And on Valentine's Day, one lucky woman will receive two Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kits and two e-cigarette cases: one for herself, and one for someone she cares about. 

Here are our few simple rules: 
  1. You must be a friend of Vaping Vamps on Facebook
  2. Post a photo or video on our Facebook page, telling us what you love about vaping or why you want to switch to vaping. Tag yourself. 
  3. You must also be signed up on our VIP mailing list
  4. We will select one winner a day (13 all told) between Feb. 1 and Feb. 13. If no one posts a photo or video, there will not be a winner that day. 

The winner on Feb. 14 will be chosen from among the women who posted photos/videos on Facebook from Feb. 1 through midnight on Feb. 13. 

We believe that every woman who switches from smoking to vaping is a winner. Enter to win TODAY. Good luck and we hope you'll be a winner! 

*Our beautiful new e-cigarette cases are black leatherette and lined in violet velvet. They hold two of our black e-cigarettes or one e-cigarette battery and 4 cartomizers, plus your USB charger. We're certain you'll love this case for its size, style and value. (It's priced right at $8.95. Compare that to those cheap metal cases and there's NO comparison!) 

We just got these cases in mid-January, and we've already shipped them to women in a dozen different countries all over the world.

Jan 21, 2013

What About a National Vaping Day?

It's "National Non-Smoking Week" in Canada. But in addition to days that vilify smoking, I'm happy to see there's a day that extols the virtues of vaping!

It’s National Non-Smoking Week in Canada. I am totally in favor of dedicating days and weeks to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking.

But in addition to vilifying those vile cigarettes, I also favor another approach: let’s extol the virtues of the amazing vapor cigarette.

The First “World Vaping Day”

Last year, the first "World Vaping Day" was held on March 22. I'm waiting to hear news about the World Vaping Day in 2013. Several different organizations, including the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Assn. (CASAA) helped to publicize the special day, dedicated to this smokeless alternative to those vile cigarettes.

Here in the U.S., we already have the “Great American Smokeout “and there’s also “No Smoking Day” in the U.K., “National No Smoking Day” in Ireland as well as “World No Tobacco Day.”

We all know how bad smoking is for you. Smoking is responsible for more deaths each year than drug and alcohol abuse, car crashes, AIDS, murder and suicide combined. Every eight seconds, someone dies from a tobacco related illness, according to stat’s from the World Health Organization.

And women who smoke run even greater risks than their male counterparts. A recent study found that women who smoked a pack a day reduced their life expectancy by an average of 11 years. More women die from lung cancer than from breast cancer and the rates have dramatically increased in recent years.

I hate hearing about the harmful effects of smoking, because like almost everyone, it’s affected members of my own family.

We all know that it’s difficult to quit smoking. Smoking is both a physical addiction as well as a powerful habit that’s triggered by stress or even just routine, such as smoking when drinking (popularly known as social smoking), or taking a smoke-break from work.

Over a million people have discovered vapor cigarettes. Compared to traditional cigarettes that have over 4,000 chemicals and 57 known carcinogens, e-cigarettes have four main ingredients – all FDA-approved that are in many of our foods and drugs.

Stay tuned as I will be watching and sharing news about the 2013 World Vaping Day!

Jan 9, 2013

E-Cigarettes for Women?

Some people might wonder why it makes sense to create a whole company to sell electronic cigarettes just to women.

The short answer is that most women would prefer to buy products (as long as they're competitively priced) from a company that offers product choices that women prefer.

That was the primary driver behind our company. We know women have plenty of choices when they're ready to buy an electronic cigarette. But our site makes it easier for them, because we've taken some of the guess-work out of it.

We pulled together a group of women smokers who were new to vaping, and asked them what they preferred. Here's what they told us:

  • They liked the two-piece style, rather than the three-piece style with separate atomizer. 
  • They preferred the automatic battery, rather than the manual one where you have to push a button to vape. 
  • They didn't like the idea of filling cartridges with liquid nicotine. They liked the convenience of pre-filled cartomizers. 
  • They tested 50 flavors and told us which ones they liked the best. Some flavors sounded good, like chocolate and coffee, but they didn't taste good (they tasted more like burnt coffee, e.g.). 
  • They liked the idea of free shipping on ALL products. 
And finally, they whole-heartedly supported the idea that we would be donating a portion of all profits to a charity that helped women.

Most importantly, they loved that our mission statement was simple and clear: to educate women on the harmful effects of smoking and the benefits of switching to vaping. 
They loved the idea of the 'Tri-Level Kit' that enables them to try decreasing levels of nicotine.

Are those enough good reasons why an e-cigarette brand for women makes sense?