Jun 20, 2013

Money Tight? Time the Make the Switch to E-Cigarettes!

E-Cigarettes Are Not Only Better, They're Also Cheaper Than Cigarettes

Here in Minnesota, a new cigarette tax of $2.83 a pack goes into effect on July 1. That’s an increase of $1.60 a pack.
A pack of Marlboros will now cost you around $8 a pack. Smoke a pack a day, and you’re talking about a habit that’s costing you around $240 a month. That’s a sizable increase.
Cigarettes are expensive, and taxes on them are going up Up UP!!
Cigarettes are so expensive in Minnesota that smokers are heading for the hills - well, at least Wisconsin and bordering states - for cheaper cigarettes.
It’s also putting cigarette retailers in Minnesota at a huge competitive disadvantage. That's because in Wisconsin, the cigarette tax is $2.52 a pack, South Dakota's is $1.53, Iowa's is $1.36, and North Dakota's is only 44 cents a pack. 
Anyone want to go to Fargo for vaca?
You'll have to make regular trips there, because it’s illegal to bring more than one carton of cigarettes into Minnesota from a different state.
Will This FINALLY Be the Nail in Cigarette’s Coffin?
There are plenty of good reasons to make the switch to e-cigarettes. Your health and lungs are one good reason.
Not exposing your friends and loved ones to secondhand smoke is another one. So is the lingering smell on your hair and clothes.
Money was always a good reason. In the long run, e-cigarettes are cheaper than cigarettes. And here in Minnesota, the savings is even more dramatic.
Here’s a quick and easy chart where you can add up the savings:
Cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes: compare the cost

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What would YOU do with the savings from making the switch? 
I know I'd buy a cute new pair of shoes =)


  1. i do like your post it is good to switch to e cigarette

  2. Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the charity Action on Smoking and Health, said: "Regulation will ensure that e-cigarettes meet the same standards for quality, safety and efficacy as medicines, while remaining as readily available to smokers as they are today. buy electronic cigarette

  3. That's a very good explanation you have given here, really e-cigs are very cheap and it also prevents you from various diseases, not completely but still it very useful thing for a smoker.