Sep 24, 2013

Sex, not Spec's, Sells

Sleek & Sexy E-Cigs Appeal to Women More Than Their Stat's & Spec's

The cover of the inaugural issue of VAPE News Magazine caught my eye more than anything else at Vapefest, the vaping convention held in Las Vegas last weekend (Sept. 20-21, 2013).

The image of this beautiful, confident woman draws me in.
Forget the e-cig spec's. Show me more women who vape.
A gorgeous woman with long dark hair and a knowing smile holding a personal vaporizer (PV) stared back at me. 

She was proud, confident, beautiful, sexy. She epitomized what I think is so cool about vaping: it’s appealing to young women, many of whom are social smokers who are trading traditional cigarettes for the hipper, healthier (and cheaper) alternative.

Now I’m a woman (and yes, I’m heterosexual) and yet this image really appealed to me. And I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t just appeal to other women, but to men, too.

Yet at Vapefest, what I mostly saw were lots and lots of gizmo’s – gizmo’s with spec’s. I glazed over and tuned out. Now I’m not stupid, but as a woman, what appealed to me the most were the pretty colors. And the beautiful women there who were catching onto vaping.

What’s also fascinating about Vapefest was that it was largely male-dominated. I felt like I fit in here about as well as I did the last time I was in Las Vegas for the community banking convention. NOT well.

This is more typical of what I saw at Vapefest. Gadget-overload!
Both conventions attracted mostly men, but the Vapefest participants were largely young, brawny, tattooed and pierced, with huge PV’s the size of bongs hanging from lanyards around their necks. 

My boyfriend had nothing to be worried about. 

As a casual vaper whose mission is to reach young women who are social smoking and offer them the best e-cigarette starter kits for casual smokers, I was a bit of an anomaly at Vapefest. 

So is the Vaping Vamps product: an elegant black e-cigarette you can hold between your index and middle fingers, just like the cigarettes we’re trying to rid the world of. I didn’t see any of the smaller, lighter 510 e-cigarette batteries for sale here.

And these guys were speaking a whole other language. 

Plumes of vapor were everywhere, but it smelled
sweet and dissipated immediately into the air.
We could’ve been at an engineering or an electronics convention. These vapor-spewing gear-heads loved to boast about how many PV’s they had, and would gladly regale you with the specifications of the latest and greatest PV’s they were buying: eGo-C Twist 1000 mAh, etc. 

Problem was: I wasn’t listening. 

A young, slender vaping beauty had just walked by. 

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  1. I'm surprised that with a 'mostly men' attendance, there were more specs than sex. I personally happen to dislike the unwieldy PVs- and hanging it from your neck just sounds ridiculous. But, I do like the look of the magazine!