Feb 6, 2014

The Making of "Vape Inside and Get the Guy"

Picture this scene:

A handsome man walks past a woman smoking outside. She looks him up and down, clearly liking what she sees.

It’s winter in Minnesota and he hurries past her, paying her no attention whatsoever. She may be a "10" but he’s a non-smoker. He subtly holds his breath as he walks past her.

As he enters the bar, he's greeted warmly by a large group of friends, all dressed to the nines. They're chatting and laughing; several women are vaping, holding their sleek, black e-cigarettes between their index and middle fingers.

He stands next to one woman, elegantly dressed in a shimmery tight-fitting purple dress. Their chemistry is obvious to anyone looking on. She blows vapor from her e-cigarette in his direction; the sweet-smelling vapors dissipate immediately into the air.

Meanwhile, the lone smoker is missing out on the fun, the jokes, the stories and the laughter. She’s cold and alone. She can see through the window that her group of friends are having a great time.

The Inside Story Behind the Vaping Vamps Video

This is the story that we tell in our Vaping Vamps video and it’s not a stretch to assume that this scenario is a common one in a day and age when vaping e-cigarettes is becoming more and more popular. In fact, e-cigarettes may even replace traditional cigarettes within the next decade.

The concept for this video was developed by a special group of students at the University of Minnesota: P.R. students and members of PRSSA, the Public Relations Student Society of America. This talented group of students volunteered to help Vaping Vamps get the message out about the benefits of e-cigarettes over smoking to their fellow students.

We started by pulling together a focus group of their fellow students who smoked – all women in their late teens and early 20’s, most of whom started smoking in high school.

Most of them started smoking as a social activity – during work breaks, with friends or when drinking. Some were light smokers, while others had “graduated” to smoking a pack a day. They admitted that their parents didn’t know and wouldn’t be happy if they knew they were smoking.

While most of them thought they would probably quit someday, they didn’t have a clear idea how exactly they would quit or what resources they would use. They were familiar with e-cigarettes, and about half had tried them, but were not currently using them for various reasons.

Everyone wanted the experience of vaping an e-cigarette to replicate the sensation of smoking, because they all enjoyed smoking.

The Social Aspect: A Huge Factor for Women Who Smoke

In a nutshell, we learned that for women, the social aspect of smoking was huge. It was largely the reason why women started smoking as well as why they continued to smoke.

So we decided that the focus of our video would be to ostracize smokers and play up the fact that vaping is not only healthier, but it enables you to stay inside with your friends.

An important secondary message was the fact that most non-smokers don't want to be around smokers, and are unlikely to want to kiss a smoker. That's an important message for young women to hear, because most women want to feel attractive and alluring to men.

Check out the video on Vaping Vamps' YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MJsI8Wqdok. We'd love your feedback and comments on our first produced video. Tell us - and the beautiful and talented U of MN students - what you think!

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