Mar 6, 2014

Kids Help Adults to Stop Smoking

Kids say the darndest things, don't they?

Kids who simply asked adults why they smoked went viral on YouTube. Shot in Thailand, the message is universal: adults who smoke would never want kids to smoke. Yet, despite the fact they well know of the serious health risks, they smoke themselves.

The video follows a little boy and girl who walk up to men and women smoking outside an office building. Cigarette in hand, they ask the adults for a light.

 Shocked by the request, the smokers refused to give them a light and instead tell them:

"I'm not giving it to you."
"Smoking is bad; you have to stop."
"Cigarettes contain insecticide."
"You look old when you smoke."

Every adult filmed reminded the children that smoking was bad for them. 

"If you smoke you die faster. Don't you want to live and play?"
"You know it's bad, right?"
"When you smoke, you suffer from lung cancer, emphysema and strokes."

So why are you smoking?, the children asked. Then they handed them a piece of paper on which was written, "You worry about me. But why not about yourself?

Almost every adult who received a brochure stopped to think and threw away their cigarette. 

No adult, however, threw away the brochure. 

Powerful stuff. And it made a difference. They reported a 40% increase in calls by smokers wanting to quit.  

Makes me wonder if a similar approach in our anti-smoking ads would be as effective in the U.S. 

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